Monday, May 14, 2007

Mickey Mouse politics

Most of you will have seen reports of the disgusting use of a Mickey Mouse look-alike character called Farfour (butterfly) on the Hamas-affiliated al-Aksa TV children's program "Tomorrow's pioneers", that tells the children to aspire to become martyrs and to kill Jews and Americans. Not only that, but it encourages children in the audience and those who call in to repeat anti-Semitic lies and glorifies violence and tells them that Muslims will "take over the world".
But, wait a minute, I thought that was what the Jews were supposed to be doing, taking over the world, and in fact Muslims have criticized Jews for doing just that. Now there is a train of thought, that was prevalent in Germany in the 1930's, that said that Jews already control the world. But, setting aside this absurdity, it seems that Jews were killed and massacred for doing something that Muslims openly claim. And not only that, but there is no objective evidence believed by any sane person that Jews actually had any interest or desire to "take over the world." OK, so we may have wanted to control the media, but if we did we obviously made a mess of that! So why is it that Jews have been excoriated and murdered for not doing something that the Muslims openly claim. Its difficult to understand any of this, but who said it would be rational.
When he was confronted by this Mickey Mouse character proclaiming its violent incitement, PA Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti (a cousin of the notorious terrorist Marwan Barghouti in Israeli jail for terrorist killings) stated on Thursday that the program would be pulled and reviewed and that it represented a "mistaken response" to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. However, the programs were not changed and the character continues daily to incite Palestinian children to fight Israel. When the Hamas director of the program was confronted on this incitement, he saw no problem with it. Maybe therein lies the difference between Fatah and Hamas, the Fatah official prevaricates, but does nothing, and the Hamas official justifes this violent indoctrination of young children.
We have our own Mickey Mouse politics too, the Israeli cabinet fiddles while trying to decide what to do as rockets continue to rain down on southern Israel. The Israeli Government is frozen because it doesn't know what it should be doing in the wake of the Winograd Report, should it act, or discuss, or not act? Meanwhile Fatah and Hamas forces continue to shoot at each other, yesterday 4 were killed in gun battles. However, just sitting back and waiting for them to kill each other is an excuse for policy, while they attack us with rockets and prepare themselves for a future war.


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