Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Futile fly-in

Since the flotilla is floundering, the ever inventive anti-Israel crowd, with backing from their friendly Hamas organizers in Europe, are now trying a "fly-in". It is reported that on Friday they plan to fly in hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists to Ben Gurion Airport, and this time instead of trying to outwit the Israeli security they are planning to admit their guilt in advance in an attempt to overwhelm the Israeli security services.

Have you ever heard of such a hypocritical publicity stunt? They claim that they are supporting "Palestine." Well if so why fly into the sovereign Jewish state of Israel, to the Airport named after the premier Zionist of them all, to accomplish what? They claim that they are supporting the people of Gaza, but these upper middle class leftists are carrying no aid for the "poor starving" people of Gaza. Instead they are wasting about $35,000 on fares (700 flyers at $500 each), that will principally support the western airlines that fly to Israel. Finally, the Israel Airport Authority and the Israeli security are prepared for them. All flights on Friday will be diverted to a special terminal where each passenger will be checked carefully, and since they claim they will admit their intentions, they will be quickly arrested and after suitable interrogation, they will be deported. Net effect, a delay for bona fide passengers, who will soon be soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches of the Zionist State. This year about half a million tourists are expected in Israel. So good-bye to the sad few who will forever miss this pleasure.

But, who do these leftist Palestinian sympathizers think they are supporting? Certainly the Palestine Authority controlled by Fatah do not want any flotillas to reach Gaza, thus supporting their mortal enemy Hamas. Also, the Hamas organizers of the flotilla in Europe may like the idea of embarrassing Israel, but in fact their own Hamas supporters in Gaza are not keen on the flotilla. They see it for what it is, a hollow publicity stunt that brings them no practical relief. Gaza is awash with goods, it is drowning in food, trucked in by Israeli companies and paid for by aid from the UN, EU, US and others, as well as huge amounts smuggled in thru the tunnels under the Egyptian border. What the Gazans need is work and the ability to export their agricultural products. Perhaps that is why the flotilla boats are empty, they plan to sail out with Gaza-grown produce. Maybe the fly-in flyers can carry some in their pockets, if they ever reach Gaza. But, basically it is an empty gesture, when far more serious issues confront the Arab world, when civilians are being shot down in Syria, when there is a civil war going on in Libya, when Yemen is in chaos, when Egypt is in turmoil. Why do these idiots care so much about Gaza, is it because the Jews are involved?


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