Friday, July 22, 2011

Turkish hypocrisy

Turkish PM Recip Erdogan has insisted that Israel apologize for the Mavi Marmara incident last year, during which 9 Turkish citizens were killed. But, the Palmer Report, due to be released by the UN next week, explicitly condemns Turkey for complicity in initiating the flotilla and assisting the IHH organization in putting violent Islamic terrorists aboard. This is an example of Turkish hypocrisy, but there is more.

Consider the so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," that consists of 40% of the island of Cyprus, that was invaded and occupied by Turkey in 1974, and that is not recognized by any other country in the world except Turkey. Turkey condemns Israel for defending itself against attacks from Gaza, yet Turkey is in violation of international law for the unilateral conquest and occupation of part of a sovereign country, namely Cyprus. It's true that there was conflict between the island's Greek and Turkish populations, but the intervention of Turkey was illegal and imperialistic. PM Erdogan has decided to visit Gaza by way of Egypt thru the Rafah crossing. Israel has said that it will not try to prevent his visit. But, what is he trying to prove, that he is pro-Arab, pro-Palestinian? When the Turks ruled over the Arabs for a period of 600 years, until pushed out by the British in WWI, they suppressed any form of Arab dissent and attempts at self-determination. Now they are the "champions" of the Palestinians. What hypocrisy!

Not only that, of course, there is the case of the Turkish massacres of millions of Armenians before and during WWI, that was one of the first recorded cases of genocide. Notably Turkey officially denies this genocide, while the Turkish armed forces continue to massacre Kurds by bombing their villages in Turkey as well as in Iraq. Yet, Erdogan has the temerity to tell Israel to end its defensive and legal naval blockade of Gaza. He must know we are right because Turkey played no role in the second flotilla, actively discouraged the IHH from participating and kept the Mavi Marmara in port. That is why the second flotilla tried to leave from Greece, but neither Greece nor Cyprus (the Greek southern part) would cooperate with the handful of stupid extremists.

Finally one boat, the French so-called "Dignity," tried to make the run to Gaza. It was allowed out of the Greek port on condition that it sailed for Alexandria. They lied and after leaving Greek waters they changed course for Gaza. There were 17 people on board and NO supplies for "the poor suffering people of Gaza." Even the so-called human rights activists agreed that their effort is mainly a PR stunt. The Israel navy intercepted them and took the passengers off the boat without opposition and has sailed the boat to Ashdod. Most of the passengers have now been deported from Israel, a fitting ending to a sad saga.

So Erdogan is playing his game of toadying up to the Arabs to try to make up for the historic enmity that the Arabs feel towards the Turks. It may play well in Istanbul, but it won't work in the Arab world. After Iran, the Arabs have more to fear from a resurgent Turkey that is rebuffed by the EU, than they do from Israel.


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