Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fact or fiction?

In August 2003, I wrote a treatment for a novel based upon the idea that someone assassinated the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US in Washington DC. Last week an Iranian-American was arrested at Kennedy airport for plotting just such an act. He was given up by a Mexican drug dealer who he and another Iranian approached to help them carry out the murder for a cool m$1.5. Luckily this dealer also happened to be a DEA agent. They also planned to bomb the Israeli and Saudi Embassies in Washington. The other Iranian man, still on the run, named Aboulassid, is an agent ot the al Kuds Brigade of the Iranian National Guard (ING). This was announced in Washingotn last week by Attorney General Eric Holder and also in a speech by President Obama. If they had succeeded this would have been an act of war by Iran on the USA.

The al Kuds Brigade is named after al Kuds or the nickname that the Muslims give to Jerusalem, meaning " the holy." It is the major aim of the Iranian revolutionary movement to recapture Jerusalem from the Zionists, by any means possible. In order to do so they attacked Iraq in 1988, with the slogan, "the road to Jerusalem goes thru Baghdad." However, they failed in this approach. Now many years later the al Kuds Brigade is the main terrorist arm of the ING. They are involved in sponsoring Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and are reputed to have been behind the bombings of the Jewish organizations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which killed hundreds of Jews. They are also involved in helping Pres. Assad put down the riots against his regime in Syria. The ING is the most reactionary and dangerous element of the Iranian regime, they control huge amounts ofthe Iranian economy and are practically a State within a State. They are fanatically devout and support the Ayatollahs and it should be remembered that Pres. Ahmedinejad was member of the ING, thought to have organized the take-over of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and is intimately involved with the al Kuds Brigade. Any foreign action by them, especially in the US, is likely to have been directly ordered by him.

In my "treatment" I was not sure who to blame for the assassination. It could have been al Qaeda, the most likely actor at that time, the Iranians, an active enemy of the US, or even the Hashemites of Jordan. Don't forget that Arabia was Hashemite territory before it was conquered by the Saudis in 1932, under Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud with the help of the Wahhabis, a fanatical Muslim sect from the interior of Arabia, the Nejd desert. They were led by Mohammed ibn abd al-Wahhab, and are technically known as Salafis, fundamentalist followers of the forefathers. However, the Jordanian Hashemites are very weak and not likely to endanger their already tenuous existence by such a rash act. Although at the time, al Qaeda seemed the likely actor for such an act, because Osama bin Laden was an active enemy of the Saudi regime, because of their cooperation with the US, after his assassination earlier this year and that of the reputed leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula Anwar al-Awlaki, this seems much less likely. So we are left with the Iranians.

What is special about my draft is the manner of the assassination, quite a probable means to carry out this act. Note that the Israelis are not considered a possible protagonist in this act. On the contrary, the Iranians consider the Israelis and the Saudis both their natural enemies, and if they had to choose, the Saudis, as the center of Sunni Islam, the enemy of their own form of Shia Islam, are certainly the worse. Not only are they historically the enemy of Shia Islam for centuries, but they are also weaker than Israel, and therefore potentially an easier target. Ahmedinejad definitely believes that Shia Islam is due to take over the Middle East and then the world, and this is the second step (the first having failed against Iraq) in what he considers an inevitable struggle.
PS. If anyone knows of an agent or publisher who might be interested in reading part of my treatment, please ask them to get in touch with me.


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