Wednesday, January 04, 2012

By what right?

Question, what do these countries have in common: Denmark, Bulgaria, Serbia, Tajikistan, Libya, Laos, Paraguay, Jordan, Norway, Ireland, Moldova, Latvia, Kuwait, Slovakia, Finland, Armenia, Jamaica, Cyprus and so on.... Answer: they all have populations that are less than that of Israel.

A recent statistic published by the Israeli Government reported that at the end of 2011 there are 7,836,000 citizens of Israel. This includes ca. 6 million Jews, the rest are Arabs (Muslim, Christian and Druze) and others. There are many people in the world, not least Arabs and other Muslims who think Israel should be destroyed and its population of Jews annihilated. There are also many liberal and leftist westerners who think that the founding of Israel was a "mistake," that the struggles of people who worked for hundreds of years to bring a Jewish State back into existence should be forgotten and that it should all be given back to the Palestinian Arabs, who never existed as an entity before 1967.

Yes, it is a fashion, a leftist fad, but what right do they have to consign another 6 million Jews to death in order to satisfy some vague ideological conception, that puts all the right on the side of the "poor, suffering" Palestinian refugees. Come on, give me a break, this is superficial and puerile. There is no other group in the world that has continued as so-called "refugees" for 62 years, there is no other group that has been supported by a UN agency, UNWRA, for all that time, and there is no other conflict driven by such hatred and base motives. Also, there is no other country that has made such strides, against such continued odds, to fluourish as a modern democratic state. Ask yourself, why do all these other countries deserve to continue in peace, but not Israel. That is pure anti-Semitism.


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