Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Crazy questions

Now for something entirely different:
What is the difference between Gorgonzola and Emile Zola?
Do whales kill krill?
Are there whales in Wales?
What is the difference between Zatopec and Zapotec?
Do Whigs wear wigs?
Do Jews like juice?
Does kelp need help?
Do dogs wear pants or pant?
Are cats bats or are cricket bats?
When is thyme's time?
Do twins win?
Does wine whine?
Does cement ferment?
Do Buffalos Rome?
Can a grape rape?
Can a minor be a miner?
May I ask your task?
Is your clock slow or your food fast?
Is there a tincan in Canton?
Eat fast before the fast.
Check whether the weather is warm or wet?
Is your suit in your suitcase or on you?
Is your briefcase lengthy?
Where does it wear?
Can bears bear pain?
Can bread bear pain?
Does a German man have germs?
Does a micro wave?
Do you have art in your heart?
Does it rain on your brain or your drain?
Hit the nail in the wood not on your finger.
He ate eight pies that he hated.
I can't give you anything but love, gov.
In case you think the case is closed, open it.
The visitor smuggled his file not a file.
He inhaled and expired.
The knight is young and the dame is lame.
Sad sacks suck.
There's no hero in heroin.
Solitary lions have no pride.
The die is cast and the dye is fast.
Take me to your lederhosen.
Eat pizza on the piazza.
How much corn is there in a cornea?
Anchors aweigh and fast away.
Three blind mice, see how they stumble.
Is there light at the beginning of the tunnel?


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