Thursday, September 27, 2012

Save the gefilte fish

On Rosh Hashanah we eat honey for a sweet year.  Honey is really being depeleted and the price is rising. For mysterious reasons the bees are dying.  I am not joking, we need a "save the bees" campaign. This "colony collapse" is apparenty due to a mite called the Varroa mite that introduces a virus into the bee colony that results in deformed bees. The problem is that many flowers rely on bees for pollination, and without bees the whole flora situation could also collapse.  So we need pollinators, any offers? 
There is also a need for a public movement to "save the gefilte fish."  There are so many gefilte fish consumed during the chagim, that the sources are being depleted.  I for one restricted myself to eating only one gefilte before each meal (OK, I did have two on one occasion, but it was already dead).  We need to have a program to replenish the sources, to grow young gefilte fish and make sure that gefilte are not caught until they are fully grown.
The same applies to round cholas.  We normally eat long straight plaited cholas.  But, during the chagim, they pick only round cholas and so the trees are bare of them.  Since they are a minority of cholas there is a fear that as the population grows the delicious round cholas will become extinct.  We also need a movement for "save the round cholas."
You might think that I would also support a "save the pomegranate" campaign, since that is a symbolic fruit at this time of year.  But I detest this fruit, its impossible to eat because of the large seeds that take up half of the fruit and that get in your teeth.  So until they select a pomegranate that has small seeds I don't care how much they are harvested.  The only good pomegranate is a dead one. 


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