Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. Daillou offers m$1

I keep receiving letters from my friend, at least he says he is my friend, Mr. Odingo Daillou, from Lagos, Nigeria.  He offers me one million dollars from an inheritance he has received from an uncle who died recently.  The problem is that he has no banking facilities of his own and although he is sure that he will receive a minimum of 10 million dollars, he would rather make use of a valid account in another country.  So he is promising to ship the funds to me if I send him a deposit of a mere $20,000 to prove my seriousness and to give him my bank account details.  This seems very reasonable to me, and would represent a huge profit.  Except that Miss Ernestine Fromage from Ghana is offering me not only more money (m$1.5) but she is also promising to have sex with me and to marry me.  This leaves me with a terrible dilemma.  But, I came to an excellent solution, I put them in contact with each other.  Now as far as I can tell Mr. Daillou will make an extra m$0.5 and will have some free sex, while Miss Fromage will solve her banking problems overnight. 
It seems to me that this can be a solution to the so-called third world's problem of poverty.  If all these people from West Africa (and there seem to be hundreds of them) who are getting inheritances or deposits from unused bank accounts or have found (legally) huge sums of money, but don't know what to do with them, if they could consult with each other, then they might soon be able to solve the problem of poverty in their whole region.  After all, how many people in Nigeria could be fed for m$10.  So I suggest that instead of contacting us middle class people in the West, who have never seen a million dollars in our life, they should help each other.
I must also reject the offer of the Penis Expansion Company of Nairobi, Kenya, who have assured me that if I send them a mere $1,000 they will send me a potion that they guarantee will make my penis grow by at least 3 inches.  Since I am penile-challenged I have thought seriously about their offer.  But, I have found a cheaper alternative, I can buy a constant supply of a penile enhancement drug (based on Viagra) that will ensure sexual satisfaction for only $100 per month for a year from the Penile Enhancement Company of Shanghai, China.  The problem I have is that the postage is too expensive to these distant places and I am a bit worried about the side effects. And actually I am quite happy with my penis the size it is, but I might be interested in the attractive offers for breast enhancement.


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