Tuesday, December 04, 2012

E1 and the "two-state solution"

I am incensed that the French, British, Danish and Swedish Governments saw fit to humiliate Israel by summoning their Israeli Ambassadors to upbraid them for the Government decision to plan for 3,000 more housing units, particularly in the area E1.  Aren't there more pressing issues in the world for their attention, 40,000 dead in Syria and Syrian airforce jets pounding their cities, Pres. Morsi taking dictatorial powers on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the blowing up of Western soldiers in Afghanistan?  No, the building of houses by Israel is their serious concern.
You would think that after Israel's warnings that there would be consequences of PA Pres. Abbas went ahead with his unilateral bid for UN "non-member state" status and received majority support that they would be expecting some such unilateral response by the Israeli Government.  And this is perhaps one of the most mild reactions the Israeli Govt. could make (they could have annexed West Bank territory).  These Governments are upset because Israeli building on E1 could prevent the formation of a contiguous Palestinian State on the WB.  While it's true that building on E1 would separate Judea from Samaria, by the same token, if E1 were to be incorporated in a Palestinian State, then it too would separate Jerusalem from Ma'ale Adumim.  If either has to be separated by this tract of land, why should it be Israel?
The answer is, of course, that they see this move as a death knell for the so-called "two-state solution" that has now become a mantra for the international community, especially the well-meaning western liberals who want to help the poor Palestinians achieve a State.  . They  don't see (or care) how they are avoiding peace negotiations with Israel and are intent on using their territory to attack and destroy Israel, as they recently did from Gaza.  Do you think that after the missiles attacks from Gaza they would not hesitate to fire missiles into Israel from the West Bank if they were given autonomy or sovereignty there?  And this would be a suicidal move for Israel, it would bring all of Israel, including BG Airport, within missile range.  That's why Israel would insist in negotiations that any putative Palestinian State on the WB must be demilitarized.  But, any terrorist with a mortar could bring normal life in Israel to a stand-still. So the potential blocking of hostile Palestinian control over the WB and the avoidance of the two-state solution with such an enemy is a primary Israeli objective, and the building in E1 would attain that objective.
But, the liberal enemies of Israel failed to note or ignored the fact that all the Israeli Govt. did yesterday was approve the beginning of planning for building on E1.  In fact, with required planning permissions it is estimated that it would be about 3 years before any actual building would be started on E1.  Now the PA and Abbas and the liberal Western powers who support the establishment of a Palestinian State have 3 years in which to change the equation and bring a truly conciliatory Palestinian leader to the table.  If not, too bad, the two-state solution will become defunct. 


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