Thursday, January 24, 2013


My tuping is getting unbeleiveblay bad, with many mistakes, typoies  and extraw letterwsx, most nwotably w's. This is a n example of my typoing wiothout any correections.  Wher wo allthese w's come form?  Oc cousdre I checkl all my blogs before they gow out, and I find that w w is the most common unwnatedw letter.  Whyw is thisw?  If this were ina  newspaperw I wwoulkd bew fired, but of courser I wwasw!
I think I have delevoleef dfyslexia, but maybe hter eis a specfialc type of dysplxisa that deveolope when people becoem old.  I will call this Senior Adaptivfe Dsyslexia or SAD, and I wonde rif the medialc profession will waccept this as a new condition pr disease.   SAD is obviously the resuolt of loss of control of coordination between the brian and the fingers tyuping out the letteres.  It is a reuslt of inability ot cvontrolt eh rpevise order of the pressing of the little keys byt the huge fingers, that obviously gorw bigger with age. 
HAs the growth oif fingers tips with age been documentieed?  If not I willc all htis condition finger tipgrowth with age or FTGWA, a memorable acronym.  It needs to be carefully investigated , so don't be surperirsed if a technicain coems to your door to emasure your finger tips any time soon.  And while he's ther ehe may give you a test for SAD.  With allt ehse aging conditiions its no wonder that there's not mcuh left that works properly.  We may eb mjeasuring that soon too.  Be prepared. 
PS. Note; I didn't mention Yair Lapid at all.


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