Monday, March 11, 2013

More crimes against humanity

After I wrote about the terrible situation in the Egyptian Sinai, where Beduin gangs capture African migrants and harvest their organs in a most primitive way and then dump their bodies in the desert, I was reminded by several people about the same kind of thing going on in China.  It is now well known that the supply of harvested organs from China has sky-rocketed and this has been attributed ironically to two things, the increase of capitalism in China where making money has become rampant and the unlimited power of the Communist system, whereby due process and individual rights are non-existent.  This increase has been related to the imprisonment of thousands of Falun Gong members in recent years.
Falun Gong is a kind of Chinese religion that emphasises health and exercise.  Although it was developed outside China it caught on there and the authorities became very concerned because it spread very rapidly with tens of thousands of adherents.  The Communist authorities will not allow any organization to form that is not controlled by them and so they cracked down on Falun Gong, arresting, torturing and imprisoning its members.  Now suddenly many human organs are available on the market from China .  It has always been known that China harvested the organs of people found guilty of crimes, even "political crimes," and were executed.  But, now they are apparently using the bodies of the Falun Gong members as a way to make money.  This is a monstrous crime against humanity.
It was noted that people around the world who were unable to get organs for transplant, such as hearts, livers, kidneys, were going to China to have transplant operations done very quickly. Prof. Jacob Lavee, cardiologist, Head of the Heart Transplant Unit of Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, led the campaign to forbid people from buying body parts from China.   Given the suspected source of these organs from healthy humans, Israel was the first country to enact a law forbidding its citizens from participating in this criminal venture.  Now some other civilized countries, such as Australia, France and the UK, are considering copying such a law.  In this way Israel follows the biblical dictum "to be a light unto the nations."
In India the common practice of gang rape has become epidemic.  The case of a 23 year old woman student, who was raped and torturerd by six men on a school bus in New Delhi last year and then murdered and dumped on the street has given rise to nation-wide demonstrations protesting the poor or absent security for women and girls in public.  There have been so many such attacks that they are impossible to count. The main problem is that the police treat the victims, if they survive, as the guilty party.  Of hundreds of rapes reported in New Delhi only one has actually been prosecuted.  The continuing protests against this rape has put pressure on the national Indian government and a new rape law is in the process of being drafted.  Also, the trial of the 5 men plus one minor, whose ghoulish torture of the girl has led to public revulsion, is continuing.
Israeli soldiers have been called "baby killers" by many Muslims because of photos that are released of dead children after IDF operations.  The same thing happened in Gaza in 2011.  But, as previously, they are found to be forgeries.  One such photo that was released by a UN employee was found to be that of a young girl killed in a car accident in Gaza in 2006, and she was dismissed form her position.  Another has been investigated by the local UN agency and has been found to have been caused by Hamas firing and not the IDF as previously claimed.  So don't believe it if it's reported by the terrorists themselves.  We should note that all of these countries, Egypt, China, India, and the Palestinians are forever giving us advice and protesting the treatment of the Palestinians.  Let them put their houses in order first before criticizing us.


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