Sunday, April 21, 2013

Muslim terrorists in America

It seems that the Tsarnaev brothers from Chechnya are part of a Muslim terrorist wave that is lapping at America's shores.  They are the inheritors of the 9/11/01 Twin towers attack.  As terrorists they were spectacularly successful. 
They managed to detonate their bombs in a crowded and unexpected place, the Boston marathon, that received immediate and worldwide publicity.  They managed to kill 3 Americans and injure 170, and they initially evaded security and they had the whole of America's government and security apparatus searching for them.  They were identified thru clever computer analysis by the FBI of the many photos and videos taken of that scene in Boston.  It seems they had no escape plan, not expecting to be discovered so quickly.  They killed a cop in a shootout near MIT, carjacked an SUV from a store and were cornered in Watertown.  In another shootout the older brother Tamarlan (with the black hat) was killed while the younger brother Dzhokhar (white hat) managed to evade the police at night.  He was captured a few nights later hiding in a boat stored in a nearby backyard.  The whole of Boston and its suburbs was in lockdown.  I would say that they achieved what they had set out to do.  America has been put on notice that the time of quiet and calm is over.  Any Muslim of any origin in any city in America could be a potential terrorist.
Many questions arise, did the Tsarnaev brothers have other co-conspirators, when did they become radicalized, why did the FBI after interviewing the older brother conclude that he was not dangerous, are there other Chenchen terrorist cells in the USA? What are the implications of all this?  Nominally the Chechen's main enemy is Russia, since their homeland Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation.  But, the distinction is that the central Asian states are Muslim, and although they were persecuted and suppressed under Communism, once the USSR collapsed and was divided into 15 distinct countries, then the smaller parts of the Russian Federation became restive.  There have been two Chechen wars and a great deal of terrorism in Russia.  The Beslan school massacre in which 780 people were killed, mostly children, was one of the worst terrorist incidents.  But, if the Chechens decide to play the Islamic card rather than the nationalist card, then the whole world is in trouble.  And this is what has been happening throughout the Muslim world, the nationalists have been losing out to the Islamists, including the Egyptians, the Tunisians, the Turks, and the Palestinians, where Fatah is on the defensive against Hamas.  That is in effect part of the reason for the Syrian conflict, and it could go either way.
It is difficult to distinguish between a peaceful Muslim living in the West, who is willing to live by western standards, and a secret Islamist who suddenly reverts to an anti-western philosophy that requires him or her to take up arms against the West and try to subvert or destroy its civilization in order to bring about the new Caliphate.  It's never gonna happen, but they can cause a great deal of carnage and suffering while they try, as the events in Boston show. 


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