Sunday, April 07, 2013

Palestinians riot

Palestinians have been rioting in the West Bank, mainly because of the deaths of two of their number who tried to attack an IDF post with Molotov cocktails and were shot.  Also, one of the Palestinian terrorists Maisarah Abu Hamdiyah (63) held for many years in Israeli prisons died from cancer.  Apparently, he was due to be released, but the prison service did not manage to process his papers until he was already dead.  Naturally, Pres. Abbas of the PA publicly blamed the Israeli authorities for his death, calling it deliberate.  There is no doubt that this kind of political violence serves the aims of the Palestinian leaders in their competition with Hamas and in their need to avoid any negotiations with the Israeli Government. 
At the same time, Palestinians are rioting in Gaza, but for an entirely different reason.  They are upset because UNRWA, which is the main source of income and work in Gaza, stopped paying them their welfare allowances because of budget shortfalls.  In protest a mob attacked the UNRWA offices and put the lives of those working there in danger.  This forced UNRWA to shut down altogether, leading to larger demonstrations.  The fact is that most of the Palestinians live in an eternal welfare state, in which most of their food, education, work and income is supplied by this special UN agency that is in effect a cradle to grave support system.  No wonder the Palestinians have no incentive to move on, but are perpetually maintained in a state of permanent dependence on this UN agency that exists to preserve the status quo. 
Some people complain that Israel gets a lot of funds from the US, but few know that Israel receives NO civilian aid from the US.  Israel receives only military aid from the US, totaling ca. b$3.  But, most of this goes to pay for work, materiel and arms from the US military industries, including the purchase of sophisticated planes and missiles.  However, every year for the past 65 years the US has been paying welfare to the Palestinians thru UNRWA to the extent of 25% or more of its total budget, amounting to m$5 in the past year.  I am sure many Americans would like to be given this largesse.  However, because the money given to UNRWA in Gaza allows Hamas, a terrorist organization, to spend its own funds on arms and missiles to fire into Israel, rather than having to cloth, feed and support their own population.  This indirect US support for Hamas perpetuates the Palestine conflict and it has to stop.  Join with others to protest the US payments to Palestinians in Gaza thru UNRWA by writing to your Congressmen and Senators.


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