Friday, May 24, 2013

Death in London

England is reeling from the attack by two home-grown Muslim men who first ran down a British soldier with their car and then savagely attacked him and literally hacked him to pieces with machetes and knives and decapitated him, all on a suburban street in Woolwich in the afternoon, with dozens of on-lookers.  They even asked people to photograph them so that their grisly deed would be publicized. One of the killers is a Nigerian convert to Islam, Michael Adebolajo, who was known to the police as a radical Islamic preacher.  But, once again, as in Boston, they considered him as not dangerous.
Since this was classified as a terrorist attack, the Prime Minister David Cameron, who was at that time in France for an EU meeting returned to London for a meeting of the committee that deals with terrorist incidents.  He stated that British Government policy would not be influenced by terrorists.  Since the attack occured near an army barracks, security at all military facilities was increased.  The killers shouted "Alla'hu akhbar" (God is great) and one was recorded saying "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day."  Apparently they did not care whether the individual they murdered was actually a killer of Muslims or not.  It so happens he was a drummer in the army band, named Lee Rigby.
Police who arrived on the scene (although it took 20 mins) engaged in a shoot-out with the killers and wounded both of them.  They are currently being held under guard in different hospitals.  Although this was a most primitive attack, it bears the hallmark of the Boston marathon attack, where young Muslim men are radicalized to kill western civilians randomly for some perceived sense of injustice, either the distant killing of Muslims or an insult to Islam.   What if Muslims blew up the Twin Towers and killed 3,000 people first, that started all this?  This is an open-ended conflict, where any young Muslim can kill any western people without any need for further provocation.  Its similar to anti-Semitism, nothing we Jews do or believe has any influence on their inherent right to kill us.  To hell with that!

PS. On behalf of Casa Shalom, the Inst. for Marrano-Anusim Studies, I am asking if you would be willing to donate any books or documents that are related to the history of the Secret Jews originating in the Iberian penisula to the Leslie (z"l) and Gloria Mound Library at Netanya Academic College.  Particularly personal papers, such as letters or agreements, that are related to the history of the Secret Jews of Spain, Portugal, Holland, Ireland, New Mexico, S. America, or anywhere else.  Thank you.


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