Friday, June 28, 2013

Last thoughts?

When undergoing a life-threatening incident, as I recently thought I was having, what do you actually think about? Supposedly your life flashes before your eyes and you evaluate your whole life and conclude that you have really been a good person, if somewhat misunderstood.
Actually, when I had my false alarm of a possible heart attack recently, I had some strange thoughts.  I decided to drive myself to the emergency room, probably not the smartest thing to do, but whoever said I was that smart.  On the way I was thinking, suppose I actually pass out or crash, who would be responsible.  If I am unconscious at the moment of impact can I be held responsible.  If the other person involved, the crashee, decides to take legal action, can I be fined or sent to jail, if alive, for causing the incident. Now it goes without saying that this crashee will be an insensitive unpleasant person who cares nothing for the fact that I, the crasher, am actually suffering and passing out.  He will want his pound of flesh.  
This left me thinking about Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice," and that if it were written today, he could have his pound of flesh without shedding a drop of blood by using a laser knife.  So problem solved.  What a pity, it's so much better if there is a real contradiction between the plaintiff and the defendent.  By using this rhetorical trick Shakespeare gets sympathy for the defendent, who otherwise is a thoroughly unpleasant liar and cheat.  It is only because the plaintiff, Shylock, is a Jew, that this legal device works in the story.  Anyway who would believe the theatrical device he uses that a woman was indeed a legal clerk.  Not so smart this Shakespeare.
Yes, I was actually thinking about Shakespeare when I arrived at the emergency room.  When they asked me what was wrong, I could give no other answer, "to be or not to be, that is the question?" (?להיות ולא להיות זה השאלה)


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