Thursday, July 18, 2013

Expose - 5 year old boy arrested by Israeli soldiers

A few days ago the press was full of a story "Five year old boy arrested by Israeli soldiers." The TV News was full of this terrible incident showing the little boy crying. Except that the five year old boy admitted throwing stones and hitting an Israeli car, although his excuse was that he threw the stone at a cat but missed. He was part of a bunch of kids who were throwing stones at Israeli cars, a common practice on the West Bank. Human rights groups had a field day, saying that Israel had broken humanitarian law because the boy was too young to be arrested. Yet, in fact the boy was never arrested, he was taken in an army jeep to his parents to be looked after. If Palestinian parents stopped their children throwing stones at Israeli cars this kind of incident wouldn't happen, but in fact they condone and approve of it. Needless to say a stone thrown at a moving car can kill whether thrown by a five, ten or fifteen year old boy!

Periodically the liberal western press fulminates over so-called Israeli atrocities. If they would only take the time to check the story they would find that most of the accusations against Israel are incorrect. There are many examples, perhaps the most prominent is the supposed killing by IDF fire of 12 year old Mohammed al Dura in Gaza in 2000, that has been investigated by several journalists. It was clearly a staged incident, several pieces of evidence show that :1. At the time many Palestinian youth were actively staging incidents at that location; 2. Although there were many cameras present only one, that of a Palestinian cameraman of France TV2, photographed the incident; 3. Although he took much more footage only a short segment was shown and the rest was kept secret by France 2 for a long time; 4. In the rest of the sequence the boy who is supposedly dead clearly moves; 5. No actual authentic details of his death or burial have ever been found; 6. The IDF post was located so that IDF fire could not physically have reached the boy and his father; 7. Shots are seen to hit the wall above the boy fired directly from across the street where the Palestinian camerman was located, and so on.

Among other notorious lies was the so-called "Jenin Massacre" of 2002, in which Palestinian spokesmen declared that the IDF had massacred 500 Palestinian civilians. A UN investigation found that this was all a lie, with made up "eyewitness" accounts. Then there was the Mavi Marmara incident when Turkish extremists attacked IDF paratroopers who only had pistols, not expecting trouble. The incident was a deliberate provocation by the Turks who claimed that the Israeli blockade on Gaza was illegal. The UN-sponsored Palmer enquiry found that not only was the blockade legal under international law, but that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. If only the press kept to its own lofty goals of honesty and fact checking.


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