Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Terrorist tunnel

Last Sunday at the weekly Cabinet meeting, PM Netanyahu stated that 2013 has been one of the quietest years as far as terrorism is concerned. However, just two days before Colonel (res.) Sariya Ofer was bludgeoned to death by two Palestinian men outside his house at night in the settlement of Brosh Habika in the Jordan Velley. He had been a distinguished officer who had formed the Shaked commando unit. His brother had died on the same day 40 years before during the Yom Kippur War. A manhunt ensued and after arresting several persons, two men admitted to carrying out the murder.

A very long tunnel, 1.7 km (1 mile) long, was discovered by the IDF leading from the southern Gaza Strip into Israel. It is not known if this tunnel was intended to be used to kidnap IDF soldiers or to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel, or both. Conceivably a team of terrorists may already have entered Israel to carry out such an attack. The tunnel is very sophisticated, with electrical supply and lights is built high enough for a man to walk upright and has locations for storage of explosives and munitions. It is faced inside with 24,000 concrete slabs that Israel allowed to be imported into the Gaza Strip to help civilian building because of the closure of the tunnels under the Egyptian-Gaza border by the Egyptian forces. This is what the Hamas rulers of Gaza do with the assistance that Israel gives them. Needless to say, all importation of building materials from Israel into Gaza was halted.

This kind of sophisticated tunnel must have taken a great deal of planning, probably took two years to complete and and must have cost a lot of money (est. m$2). This is where the funds given to Hamas in Gaza by the EU and other well-meaning entities is going. Added to which there are reports that billions of dollars have been lost in the PA to corruption; it is surprising that the world, that is under economic strain, still sends these funds to feed the endemic corruption in the West Bank and Gaza. What a pathetic waste of money.


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