Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Iran deal

The Geneva meeting of the six international powers (the so-called P5+1, USA, Russia, Britain, France, China and Germany) with Iran over the issue of the Iranian nuclear weapons program eneded without an agreement last weekend. Some will heave a sigh of relief, given that a pending agreement was described that would have been greatly to Iran's favor. The agreement that was broached would have reduced the strong sanctions against Iran that are crippling its economy in exchange for Iran agreeing not to make any more highly enriched uranium (greater than 3%).

But, this according to PM Netanyahu would have been "a very, very bad deal", giving Iran what it wants without a significant compromise on its part. This deal would have left intact Iran's huge stockpile of kilograms of 20% U-235 enriched uranium, as well as the plutonium reactor that allows an alternative path to a nuclear weapon. The fact that Iran was unwilling to agree to the removal of these two resources puts the lie to its contention that they are only seeking a peaceful nuclear program rather than a weapons program. Highly enriched weapon grade uranium can be easily achieved in a short period of time from 20% enrichment and plutonium is also only required for weapons manufacture.

The fact is that it appears that Pres. Obama was prepared to make this bad deal, but it was the French who balked, who said this is not a good deal because it leaves the Iranians in the position to achieve a nuclear weapon in a short period of time (a quick breakout), and gives them an easing of the sanctions. Whether or not the influence of Israel's objections to this deal carried weight is unclear, athough the French did refer to Netanyahu's objections.

So the two sides agreed that progress was made and they will continue talks at a later date, and meanwhile there is no easing of the sanctions and no limitations on the Iranian nuclear program.


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