Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More incidents

A serious terrorist incident was averted yesterday in Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv, when a child noticed an unattended bag under a seat. He notified the driver, who stopped the bus and ordered everyone off. A passenger foolishly decided to investigate and opened the bag and found wiring inside. When the police arrived in 4 mins, a sapper was investigating the bag when it exploded, injuring him. There were no casualties, but the bus was destroyed. The security services are searching for the perpetrators of this terrorist bomb.

In two other incidents Palestinian Arabs tried to stab IDF soldiers at checkpoints, but failed and were captured, in one case three men were arrested together. In three separate incidents IDF troops fired on Gaza civilians approaching the border fence, and in one case someone who tried to attach an explosive to the fence was shot and killed.

There has been a small upsurge in terrorist incidents in Israel recently. Analysts attribute this to the lack of control by Pres. Abbas and his Fatah party in the camps and towns of the PA. Also, the Gaza strip is under serious economic and humanitarian difficulties since Egypt closed the tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border and there was the bad storm last week that inundated Gaza. Israel has been exporting emergency supplies of food paid for by the UNRWA and fuel paid for by Qatar into Gaza.

The Christians in Gaza are in dire straits. There are only 2,500 of them left and they are under constant attack by Islamic extremists. Similarly in Bethlehem, many of the Christians have left due to Islamic pressure. Nevertheless, there is a holiday spirit in Bethlehem and the decorated and lighted Christmas tree is standing in Manger Square. Happy Christmas and merry New Year to all my readers.

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