Thursday, February 20, 2014


The US has officially complained to President Karzai of Afghanistan against his decision to release 65 prisoners who are terrorists who have been incarcerated for murder. Apparently Pres. Obama considers the release of prisoners with "blood on their hands" as an illegitimate and dangerous move, since they are members of the Taliban or other extremist Islamist groups. Obama considers them a danger not only to Afghanis, but more specifically to Americans who are living there or elsewhere. On the other hand, the US has pressured Israel to release 100 convicted Palestinian terrorist murderers (in four groups) as a concession to the Palestinians in order to get them to actually sit down and negotiate. So it seems that Israeli lives lost to the released and convicted prisoners with blood on their hands is not a concern of the US. Secty of State Kerry has said that it is a price worth paying for Israel to release these prisoners in order to get the so-called "peace process" going again. Note that there was no reciprocal concession squeezed out of the Palestinians by the US, they don't consider that a necessary price to pay. Such hypocrisy by the American administration shows their lack of concern for the situation of their best ally in the Middle East. They want a foreign policy success at Israel's expense at any price.

Jay Pollard has been in prison in the US for 28 years. He was convicted of spying for Israel and sentenced to life imprisonment. This harsh sentence resulted after then-Secty of Defense Caspar Weinberger intervened with the judge and inappropriately affected the sentencing. The letter he wrote to the judge has never been released for publication. What is hypocritical is that while other spies have been sentenced to life sentences, such as Aldrich Ames, who spied for the USSR and whose information led to the exposure of at least 100 American spies and the execution of at least 10 of them, he was released after 10 years. Only Pollard has been incarcerated for so long, for spying for an ally and whose actions in no way affected the US spying capability. This is rank hypocrisy and can only be a result of not only timidity on the part of several US Presidents, but also anti-Semitism at the highest levels of the American judicial system.

Denmark is known as a liberal-minded European country, where hurting animals is worse that hurting humans. Denmark is one of those countries which have banned kosher meat production because they regard the Jewish slaughter of animals with a sharp knife as leading to suffering, while they prefer stunning the animal first, that in itself has been shown to cause more suffering. But what is hypocritical is that a young healthy male giraffe named Marius at the Copenhagen Zoo was killed and cut up and fed to other animals. Why they did this is unbelievable, they said he was from a genetically inferior line. Kosher slaughter of a giraffe could be problematical, but the Danes stunned him in the brain, I wonder if he suffered.


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