Monday, February 03, 2014

Oxfam and Johansson

Oxfam is a British charity organization founded in the 1940s that helps to fight poverty and oppose injustice around the world. They collect money and sell second hand clothes from their shops in towns all over England and send clothes, food and medicine to refugees in places of conflict. To say that Oxfam is a left-wing, anti-Israel organization is an understatement. The Palestinians are their favorite cause, they see them as the victims of imperialist Israeli/Jewish oppression. As far as Oxfam is concerned, Israel is a puppet of the American cultural plan to control the world and suppress poor, indigenous cultures and peoples. Its all black and white, quite simple (and simplistic). That Oxfam is a leftist reaction to the former excesses of the British Empire in actually persecuting indigenous peoples is evident.

Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful American actress, famous for her movie roles, such as in "Girl with a pearl earing" (2003). Like all such personalities she engages in advertizing and charity work. She has been an ambassador for Oxfam, helping its charities around the world. She has also been the principal in the international advertizing campaign of Sodastream, an Israeli company that makes soda producing units, that has been very successful in the US market. Apparently Oxfam discovered that Sodastream is an Israeli company and asked Scarlett to stop advertizing for them. Scarlett refused, seeing no reason why she should stop. What is anathema for Oxfam is that Sodastream has its plant on the West Bank in Ma'ale Adumim, in "occupied territory," and as such for them is "exploiting" the Palestinian people. But, Sodastream actually employs hundreds of Palestinians who otherwise would have no income and would be destitute. As a result of the public controversy Scarlett resigned from her role in Oxfam, and continues to advertize for Sodastram.

What most people don't know is that Scarlett Johansson is Jewish. Her father is Danish and her mother is Jewish. Scarlett grew up in NYC and had a typical Jewish background. She clearly saw the Oxfam pressure on her for what it was, a typical politically motivated leftist anti-Israel ploy. Contrary to their dogmatic assertions, the Israeli companies in the West Bank, whatever the ulitmate resolution of the conflict, actually employ most of the Palestinian people living there, who would otherwise be engaged in marginal agriculture. Ask them if they prefer Scarlett Johannson to advertize for Sodastram or support Oxfam and I am sure they will resoundingly support her decision. Sodastream issued a statement accusing Oxfam of actually financially supporting the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement against Israel.


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