Monday, April 07, 2014

Mister Secretary

Dear Secretary Kerry, take my advice and that of most Israeli citizens, give up your obsession with finding peace in the Middle East and go back to the more mundane tasks, such as ensuring world peace with the Russians.  Instead of "tilting at windmills," try saving Ukraine and Eastern Europe from Russian domination.  That is a more deserving pastime for you than trying to achieve the impossible, when it is clear that the Palestinians have no intention whatsoever of making peace with Israel.  Their well-planned application to 15 UN agencies and international conventions and treaties shows that they were preparing this action all the time while they were stone-walling the negotiations.  Given the uncertainty in the Arab world, no Palestinian leader is going to make any compromises with Israel, and the whole Arab League supported this by pushing their own Plan  and declaring that they will never recognize Israel as the Jewish State.
No wonder you have been forced to give up your crusade and you have admitted defeat. Attempts will go on, but they will be fruitless for now. Your repesentative, former Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk, is still trying to talk to both sides, but after the Palestinian move nothing can be accomplished.  Abbas must be replaced by a leader with vision (according to GW Bush, "the vision thing") who is really interested in making peace, otherwise if there is another violent intifada, Israel will be forced to send the IDF in and suppress it.  Then we will be back to square one, with no PA and in effect a one-state solution.  This is how resolutions usually arise, from force of circumstances, not by painstaking fastidious mediation. 
Of course, Mr. Secretary, you and your boss Pres. Obama, found it necessary to blame both sides for this failure.  You said that Israel stopped the last exchange of prisoners and the PA went ahead with unilateral applications for its statehood.  But, it is clear to any objective observer that it was Israel that made the concessions that you insisted upon and the PA that did nothing, and their unilateral actions go against all prior UN resolutions requiring both sides to negotiate a mutual solution. In fact, you have criticized these actions by the PA for recognition, and you are therefore required to oppose them in any and all international venues.  I hope that you do, and that you will try to prevent this unilateral move that undermines international legitimacy.  But, don't despair, you will be remembered as an assiduous slogger, even if an abject failure.


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