Monday, August 11, 2014

They are irrational

We pride ourselves on being rational.  We marshal facts, we analyse them, we develop concepts and ideas.  We derive conclusions and all to what effect...nothing.  It is a waste of time, the western forces arrayed against us are irrational, they are beyond rational discourse.  
As Melanie Phillips pointed out in a recent interview, you would think that the intellectual liberal elite of the UK would take the side of the only democracy in the Middle East, that elects its governments regularly, where women and gays are treated with equality and respect, where human rights means something, where the state and the prevailing popular view does not persecute Christians or secular or anybody in fact, not even Muslim Arabs who hate us.  But, forget it.  You would expect trade unionists to rush to our side, the only state in the Middle East that protects the rights of workers, but forget it.  We are anathema, we are hated, we are beyond the pale, they cannot find one good thing to say about us, we are the "baby killers," we are the apartheid state, we are the persecutors of the only people in the world that truly matter, the Palestinians, we are the the pariah state, not Iran, not Libya, not Somalia, not Syria, not even the IS, that decapitates its enemies and relishes its genocide. The only cause that can bring out a crowd, a huge crowd, of angry people, is to protest against us. This supposed anti-Israelism can only be compared to anti-Semitism, and in fact we know that it is one and the same thing, an irrational hatred that will not consider the facts nor listen to reason. Israel is accused of "genocide" against the Palestinians and of being worse than the Nazis, which is absolute nonsense, yet when a real genocide is occurring in Iraq, when the terrorists of the Islamic State have murdered 500 Yazidis in cold blood, you couldn't even get a quorum of so-called good liberals to protest.  What hypocrisy!
We might as well just give up, but of course we don't.  People talk of PR campaigns, of the bias of the media, of Muslim influence on the western psyche, of the fear of the western liberal elite for all forms of violence, especially war.  But, they don't see who is really causing these conflicts, they see every military success as a further indictment of the Israeli State.  If we lost, lost really badly, had thousands killed then they might have some sympathy.  But, success is a killer, it cannot be overcome, if we are successful it must be at the expense of the poor Palestinians.  No matter that their own people keep them in concentration camps (let's call them what they are), no matter that they fire missiles at us day and night, no matter that millions of our people are forced to cower in shelters.  We have to project an image of weakness in order to compete for their sympathy, if we grovelled that might help.  But, we won't, we can't.  All we can do is go on winning, because if we lose once, that's the end of us, we have to face Hamas, Fatah, Hizbollah, Syria, Iran, and no doubt soon the Islamic State, alone.
So far we have the support of the western governments, because their leaders can read the tea leaves, they see the growing threat of Islamism, they know the true lie of the land.  They see that Israel is a strong military presence for stability in this region against this rising tide of anti-Western terrorism.   Even so far, against popular antagonism to Israel, they have stated the obvious, that Israel has the right to defend itself when attacked by missiles and by the threat of attack tunnels into our own territory.  But, how long can it last?
I think we must be prepared to go it alone, to take up the just cause of Jewish self-determination, and that of other minorities, such as Kurds, Yazidis, etc. in order to survive.  In doing so it will be comforting to know that our enemies are the irrational ones, and we are motivated by rational considerations.


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