Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Egypt's mistake

Here is a press release from "Press TV":
Egypt summoned the Israeli ambassador on Sunday to protest against Israeli television airing a documentary of Israeli killing of Egyptian prisoners during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.
The Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement that Israeli Ambassador Shalom Cohen was summoned to make "clarification on the conditions surrounding this event." Egypt demanded an investigation into the matter on the basis of the information and witness statements exposed in the documentary, stressing the necessity of bringing the accused into trial.Israeli public television broadcast last week a documentary which indicated 250 Egyptian prisoners of war were killed by Israeli Shaked commando units led by the current Israeli minister of national infrastructure Benjamin Ben-Eliezer. The film, aired on Israel's channel 1, shows Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, the current Infrastructure Minister who was Israel's War Minister at the time, ordering the killing of 250 unarmed Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Desert while they retreated from the frontline after the 1967 ceasefire between Israel and Egypt.

But, then the truth came out, the director of the documentary had made a huge mistake, he said that the 250 men who were killed were Egyptians and that they were killed while unarmed. Ben Eliezer and his officers denied that any such event ever took place. After rechecking it seems the director was wrong, the 250 men were NOT Egyptian and they were NOT unarmed, but were actually Palestinian terrorists (fedayeen) killed in combat. Even though this has now been established as the facts of the case, there have been demonstrations against Israel in Egypt and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry is reconsidering the peace treaty with Israel.
If a Government can ignore the facts after it calls for an investigation and if the treaty is so tenuous that it can be reconsidered on the basis of an error by a TV director, how good is any treaty with any Arab Government.
According to the Saudi Plan for Arab-Israel peace, the Arab countries will make peace with Israel and recognize it after Israeli forces withdraw to the pre-1967 lines (let's pretend the war never happened, the Arabs didn't start it and Israel didn't win!) and after Israel accepts the Palestinian's "right of return" (then they might not all want to return, but they might). And after Israel commits suicide then they can decide to cancel their peace treaties, there's always an easy excuse. Instead let's have an "Israeli Plan" in place of the Saudi Plan, and let them accept it!


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