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This letter was published in the Jewish Chronicle, London, on 9 February 2007
Independent - Cohen
The message signed by around 100 self-confessed British Jewish leaders and intellectuals [as Independent Jewish Voices] tells us more about them than it does about the Middle East. It is another part of the camouflage that Diaspora Jews, especially those with leftist-liberal views, adopt in order to fit into the prevailing opinion in Europe. In their message they adopt the propaganda of the Palestinians in talking about “occupation” and “human rights”. Remember that Israel not only has adopted the “two-state solution”, but has withdrawn all settlers and the IDF from Gaza. Instead of criticising the IDF, these Jews should be congratulating them on how few Palestinians have been injured and killed in IDF operations.
Jack Cohen
Netanya, Israel
The issue of self-hating Jews is very relevant in these days of increased anti-Semitism in the Diaspora. Those Jews who are leftists (socialist, communists and fellow-travellers) conform to a political viewpoint that has them opposing Israel, taking a pro-Palestinain position and even denying Israel's right to exist. What do they suppose should happen to the 6 million Jews that have come here as a haven and to live? If they have their way, their Palestinian colleagues would kill all of us, and would these self-denying Jews then protest.
Then there are a large number of liberal Jews who tend to emphasize "human rights" and inveigh against the effect the Security Barrier ("wall") has on the lives of the poor Palestinian farmers. But, they fail entirely to balance this with the human rights of us poor Israelis not to be blown up. This is not a theoretical possibility, attempts are being made all the time by terrorists to infiltrate Israel, and sometimes they are successful, as in Eilat two weeks ago when three bakery workers were killed. What about their human rights!
The signatories of the so-called "Independent Jewish Voices" claim they are motivated by the fact that the organized Jewish community supports Israel uncritically. Apart from the fact that this is not true (Jews always have differing opinions), these people are certainly not members of the "organized Jewish community," so why should they care? They are they poking their noses into other people's business. They would rather be dead that be identified as members of the organized Jewish community, they are in fact members of the organized pro-Palestinian community.


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