Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forewarned is forearmed

If you had a choice, as a sovereign country, what minority would you prefer? The Jews who are law-abiding, industrious, and do not proselytize? Perhaps most usefully as a minority group the Jews are generally passive, self-deprecatory, and lack all defense. Unfortunately because of this during WWII (only 62 years ago) they were mercilessly murdered in the hundreds of thousands in every country in Europe (except Britain, Denmark and possibly Bulgaria).
By contrast, the Muslims in principle do want to take over the world (and establish the universal Caliphate), they are extremely proselytizing (believing their faith is the only true one), and they are violent and aggressive. With the bombings of '9/11' and '7/7' as well as numerous others all over the world, the Muslims now are doing all the things that the Jews were accused of before WWII, but were not doing then, and the Muslims are getting away with it. This is because mainstream British and European liberal culture is treating the Muslims now as they should have treated the Jews then.
In other words, after the excessive passionate blood-letting of the Holocaust, as if they mainly learnt their lesson, the Europeans have become sensitized to the rights of minorities and are treating the Muslims with kid gloves, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Multiculturalism is a fruit of the Holocaust.
I'm certainly not saying that the Europeans should institute a Holocaust against the Muslims. Recently a Pakistani taxi driver was murdered in Britain and the thugs who did it were sent to jail for up to 25 years. But, on the other hand, a large degree of skepticism and a strong opposition to Muslim plans might be expected based on previous experience. However, on the contrary an unholy alliance has developed between the mainstream liberal culture of Europe and the Islamofascists.
European culture is understandably and predominantly anti-war. War is terrible, they have learnt to their cost, and they want to have nothing to do with it. So they would prefer to be raped rather than fight back. They are anti-American, just as they are anti-Semitic, because it absolves them of responsibility. So in their anti-war fervor they have embraced the "rights of the Palestinians" and the anti-Bush agenda as equivalent to the anti-American agenda of the Muslims.
Recently we saw the movie "The Gathering Storm," about the period between WWI and WWII when Churchill (played brilliantly by Albert Finney) was a lone voice in Britain inveighing against Hitler and Nazism. The vast majority of the British opposed him, thought he was a crazy extremist. Appeasement was the main policy of the British Government, including Conservative ones, and even as Hitler took and consolidated power, illegally built the Luftwaffe, took over the Rhineland, etc. etc. the British found every excuse to let him off the hook. The same is now happening with Ahmedinejad's Iran, particularly with regard to their nuclear program and missile development.
At least this time the US seems more prepared to be upfront with their opposition to Iran rather than being neutral as they were to Germany before WWII, and now Israel is capable of defending itself. But, a war on this scale could be devastating. Let's hope the threat to Iran is enough to deter them, and people within Iran will have enough sense to concentrate on their own domestic problems and not risk a third world war. But, as we have seen in the past, the way to avoid war and destruction is not appeasement, it is readiness to fight.
The annual security assessments of the intelligence services in Israel were presented to the whole Cabinet on Sunday. Although they agreed that war is unlikely this year there is the possibility of war with Syria, of a renewed outbreak of war and terrorism from Gaza, and the continued development of Iranian military threats against Israel. Let us hope that the IDF will be ready to meet these deadly challenges.


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