Friday, February 23, 2007

A near miss

On Tues night a wide-scale alert was proclaimed in the Tel Aviv area based upon detailed intelligence. All police and army units were mobilized and an intense search was made of the whole Dan region. In the evening three Palestinians were located hiding in an apartment in Bat Yam. How the secruity forces found them is incredible. The terrorist, who was from near Jenin, was supposed to have blown himself up, but either had second thoughts or was waiting for a specific signal. Luckily he broke down and gave information to the interrogators. He described where he had hidden or discarded his bomb belt in a dumpster in Richon Lezion, about 12 km away. He was supposed to go to Tel Aviv and blow himself up in a crowd. It would have caused massive casualties.
He implicated a known Islamic Jihad terrorist leader in Jenin, Mahmoud Abu Abait, who had made the belt and sent him on his mission. Last night as Abait was driving in the center of Jenin he was surrounded by IDF forces. Rather than give himself up he started shooting and was killed. They also captured three other IJ terroriusts. This shooting triggered a small riot in Jenin, but no Israelis were injured.
On Tuesday, Islamic Jihad claimed credit for the bombing in Tel Aviv that never occured. After the death of its chief in Jenin they vowed vengeance, "The Zionist enemies crimes will not pass without revenge..." So this is the actual situation, many people talking about peace, and terrorists actually infiltrating Israel to kill civilians.
Egypt announced Wednesday that it had arrested three Palestinians who had entered Egypt from Rafah in the Gaza strip by way of a tunnel under the border. One of the them had a suicide bomb belt. They were headed for El Arish when they were captured. Twenty other Palestinians were arrested in Sinai. Maybe the Egyptians are finally realising the danger to them of Hamas control in the PA and in Gaza. One pair of terrorists are reported to be headed for the resorts in south Sinai. The Israeli Government has again issued a warning against Israelis visiting Sinai.


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