Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your choice in Iraq?

You are the Commander-in-Chief, it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to increase the troop strength in Iraq, as Pres. Bush has done, or reduce it as PM Blair has done. The fact that they have chosen exactly opposite paths might be due to various conditions, e.g. the US has a Democrat controlled Congress and the Parliament has a large Labor opposition to the war, or to conditions in Iraq, the US forces are in Baghdad where the level of insurrection is high, while the British forces are in Basra, which is quieter. Alternatively their decisions might result from differences in personality, Bush fights back, Blair folds. But, now its not their decision, its yours!
But, before you make your decision there are certain factors to take into account, for example, the interests of your nation, the safety of your troops, the long term future of Iraq, etc. But, perhaps most important is your judgement whether or not further sacrifice in the cause of Iraqi democracy is worthwhile, or would it be best to fold the tents and go home. Consider that the war itself was won, but the aftermath of the war, the insurrection, looks like it cannot be won. So you did what you could, but what further would be gained by keeping the troops there.
If you decide to increase the troop level it will help the elected Government, but consider that the Government is controlled by the Shia, who are the majority in Iraq. So that is as it should be in a democracy. But, the Iraqi Shia are aligned with Shia Iran, which is clearly the enemy of the US and according to reports has been smuggling arms into Iraq with which the Shia are attacking both the Sunnis and the US forces. But, the Sunnis are the main protagonists in the insurrection, they are deliberately targeting Shia areas, blowing up markets and killing hundreds of people, in order to incite the Shia to respond in kind, to initiate a civil war and thereby cause the US involvement in Iraq to fail. So what to do, a dilemma.
Bush maintains that if we don't fight the terrorists there we will be fighting them at home in our streets. But, we are already fighting them at home, and also, if we do leave Iraq, not only will they be very busy fighting each other, but they won't have such an easy target with US troops walking down their streets, in their neighborhoods, into their ambushes.
Now, wait a minute, we are all for democracy, but why should we want to help the Iraqi Shia who are aligned with Iran to control Iraq? In this situation both the Sunnis and the Shia are our enemy. So the hell with them, let them fight it out, and lets get our troops out of harm's way!
So that's the basis of your decision, Blair's way, cut and run. We tried to do our best for them, but now let the chips fall where they may.


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