Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carter's lies

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter is a liar and a publicity seeker. He claims in public speeches delivered after meeting Hamas representatives in Ramallah, Cairo and Damascus, that (a) Hamas wants to make peace, which was directly contradicted by an official Hamas statement issued in Gaza, that (b) Israel continues its "settlement policy," that is not true since Israel has established no new settlements for years (only allowed settlement growth) and (c) he engages in moral relativism by equating the Hamas terrorist group with Israel, a sovereign democratic state and member of the UN.
Carter said that because there are 35 (?) Palestinians killed for every Israeli killed by enemy action, including rocket attacks on southern Israel, that therefore Israel is more at fault than Hamas. Where did he get his statistics? In fact these statistics include all Hamas and other terrorist gunmen who are routinely classified as "civilians" by pro-Palestinian media.
How is Hamas' desire for "peace" manifested? They have mounted three major military operations on Gaza-Israel border terminals in the past two weeks. Two weeks ago they attacked the civilian side of the Nahal Oz oil terminal and killed two Israeli workers. In this case there was no IDF security and no private security protecting the workers, a matter of extreme incompetence on the part of the IDF (an IDF battalion commander has been relieved of duty for failign to respond appropriately to the attack).
On Saturday, Hamas mounted their most ambitious operation to date at the Kerem Shalom terminal, driving an amoured car, that had been allowed by Israel for the Fatah PA police (!), through the border fence and then following it with two bomb-laden jeeps with Israeli markings. At first an IDF commander was deceived and did not respond to the first jeep, but then realized his mistake and warned his men to disperse and take cover, thus saving many lives. 13 IDF soldiers were injured in this incident. Now Mr. Carter, who wants peace?
The most disturbing things about these attacks is that they were made upon terminals from where humanitarian aid, food, oil, medical supplies, paid for by the UN, are transferred from Israel to Gaza. This shows that Hamas has no consideration for the well-being of their own people, because the first thing that Israel does is close these terminals. Hamas wants to initiate a humanitarian crisis for the anti-Israel PR value, wthout consideration for the suffering of their own people. What is worrying is that in each case the IDF has been extremely naieve in its assessment that Hamas will not attack terminals where essential supplies are being transferred. In every case a terrorist organization will always go for the weak underbelly of the defense. So while Hamas openly shows its aggressive intentions and continues to rocket and attack Israel, Jimmy Carter gets more publicity in his road show. While providing Hamas with credibility he undermines Pres. Abbas of the PA, and undercuts US policy. For example, the international boycott of Hamas is based on their failure to recognize Israel, give up violence/terrorism and accept previous agreements. They have changed none of these policies.
What is most despicable is that Carter assures the press and the families of the kidnapped IDF soldiers that they are healthy, without any evidence apart from the word of a terrorist leader. Carter has become a terrorist apologist and today Secty of State Rice criticized him for his personal forays into US foreign policy, which is strictly speaking illegal.


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