Thursday, April 10, 2008

Humanitarian crisis?

Two civilian workers were killed and two were injured in an attack by Islamic Jihad terrorists at the Nahal Oz terminal between Israel and Gaza yesterday. They were actually working on tranferring gasoline into Gaza. Can anyone explain to me why Israel should be supplying its declared enemy with gasoline when even the civilian workers are subject to attack? It makes no sense. Any self-respecting Government should immediately cut off all supplies to Gaza. At least the terminal was clsoed for the time being.
Earlier in the day an IDF soldier was killed in an ambush while patrolling the Gaza border area. He was a Druse soldier from the village of Jatt in the Galillee. They have a great tradition of supporting and fighting for their State of Israel!
There will be no "humanitarian" crisis in Gaza, because UNWRA can transfer goods in from Egypt. They just haven't bothered to do so yet because Israel has assured everyone who will listen that they won't allow a humanitarian crisis to develop in Gaza, but they didn't add "even if they kill our workers!"
The most important human right is the right to life. But as far as IJ and Hamas are concerned no Jew/Israeli deserves this right. That being the case, why should Israel supply them with gasoline, kerosene, electricity, water, food and medicine. According to reports 183 truckloads of goods had already entered Gaza from Nahal Oz and other crossing points today before the planned attack on the civilians.
One might ask why the civilians were not better protected (this kind of attack has happened before), but given that not all eventualities can be planned for, at least the IDF hit back and killed two of the perpetrators. There were also two aerial attacks by the IAF within Gaza and other members of IJ were killed. Since they welcome death/martyrdom, killing them does not deter others. A much better strategy is to let them suffer in their little strip, cut off from the world and dependent on supplies from their fellow Arabs. Then when they have a humanitarian crisis, then let them try to mount attacks on the hand that feeds them.


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