Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama's troubles

I have written before about my skepticism regarding Barack Obama, notably: (a) his lack of experience (only 3 years in the Senate); (b) his lack of leadership in any area of political activity in his time in the Senate; (c) his long-time relationship with his "spiritual mentor" Rev. Wright, who is an overt racist and anti-Semite; (d) his connections with anti-Israel extremists, including Hatem El-Hady (suspected of supporting terrorist activities) and (e) advisers with anti-Israel bias (such as Zbigniew Bryzinski of the Carter Administration and Dennis Ross of the Clinton Administration). But, all of this is nothing compared to another connection.
The question arises, where did Obama come from, how did this obscure Illinois State Senator catapault into national prominence and who has bankrolled his sudden prominence? Certainly he speaks well, but that's the only thing that can be said for him. He is all show and no substance.
It has been estimated that in the recent Pennsylvania Democratic primary Obama outspent Hillary Clinton by a factor of ca. 3. This requires mega-bucks. It is reported that for 3 months Obama received m$50 in contributions per month, which is staggering! How could he have received so much money. He and the media have attributed this to "small contributors," the little guy down the block. But, if we assume that the ordinary citizen gave ca. $100 each (the maximum legally allowed is $1,000), that would mean that 500,000 people sent in $100 a month for 3 months, a number that is implausible at least. So where does all this mony come from? It must come from special interests!
One of the most consistent supporters of Obama has been George Soros, a well-known Hungarian Jewish billionaire, who made his money in the most capitalist way, by betting on currency fluctuations, yet is extremely left wing in his views. He has bank-rolled many leftist organizations, including pro-Palestinian ones, and is well-known to be anti-Israel. Furthermore, he was listed as one of the earliest and largest contributors to Barack Obama's Presidential campaign (legally he and his family contributed $60,000) and met with Obama several times. Soros has said that he is dedicating his life to defeating George Bush. Notably, Obama is the only candidate who insists that if electred he will immediately withdraw all US forces from Iraq and elsewhere.
In his ads in Pennsylvania, Obama claimed that he never accepted contributions from any special interests ("none"), that is an outrageous lie (as described in Clinton's ads), and notwithstanding his huge publicity spending (that set new records) he lost to Hillary by 10 points, thankgoodness for that. I recently made a small contribution to Hillary's campaign, and even if I don't think she (or any of the candidates) are perfect, nevertheless anyone is preferable to Obama.
However, Obama is still ahead in number of delegates and still continues to rake in the money. In a few years time, when all the records will have been gone over I am confident that we will find that many of these contributions came from wealthy donors, including George Soros. By the way, "soros" in Yiddish means "troubles."


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