Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A shooting video

A video is being shown on the news of an IDF soldier shooting a rubber bullet (although it's not clear what kind of bullet it is) into the foot of a blindfolded and bound Palestinian prisoner. What is unusual about this video is that it was filmed supposedly by a 14 year old Palestinian girl who was given, along with about 200 others, video cameras by B'tselem, an Israeli "human rights" organization that cooperates with international "peace activists," otherwise known as left-wing agitators. They have been fomenting daily demonstrations against the security fence (or "wall") at several Arab villages, in this case Ni'ilin.
While the Palestinians have become past masters at media deception, remember the Jenin "massacre," the Gaza beach "massacre," the Mohammed Dura "shooting," etc. However, in this case the video looks genuine, although once again one must remain sceptical.
Nevertheless, the IDF have acted immediately, the IDF soldier has been identified and arrested. The IDF spokesman issued a statement saying that this type of action is against regulations for the treatment of prisoners, and the soldier will be investigated and tried if necessary. The soldier claims that he was directly ordered by his commander to carry out this shooting, although the officer denies this It sometimes happens that arrested prisoners remain uncooperative and some means must be used to pacify them. However, the point here is not whether or not there was a shooting, but the immediate way in which the IDF responded and arrested the soldier and will investigate the matter. In another example, yesterday a policeman was found guilty of headbutting a youth during the takeover of the settlement of Amona in 2006.
I would respect the so-called peace activists if they were honest about their activites that are entirely anti-Israel. Last week a supposed collaborator was shot dead in the street in Nablus. This happens periodically, and in fact more Palestinians are killed by other Palestinians than are killed by Israelis. One never knows whether or not the person was indeed a collaborator with Israel, or it is merely a way to take revenge on an individual or family. So contrast the lack of due process in the PA, where people can be shot with impunity by anyone with a gun, and the situation in Israel where due process is followed. The international activists seem to care only about Palestinian human rights when Israel is involved.


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