Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The woman in black

Some months ago, Naomi decided to buy a computer program that could help improve her memory. Several programs were listed on a hand-out with phone numbers, and Naomi called them to find out details. One of the places was in nearby Ra'anana, a 30 min drive. She spoke to a man there and he said that we should visit to see how the program works, but we put it off until it was convenient.
Today it was convenient since we were in Ra'anana. Naomi called the number for directions and we spoke to a woman named Eta, who told us that the office was not in Ra'anana but in Herzliya, near the airport, and she gave us the names of a couple of streets. So we drove to the nearby Herzliya airport, that is for small planes only, and there I turned off at a street called "kanfay nesharim," which translated means "eagle's wings," which was the name given to the operation for the rescue of the Jews of Yemen. But, that street seemed to lead nowhere, so I went back to the main road and drove to the entrance of the airport. There I asked the security and they had never heard of the place we were looking for (and they looked at us a little strangely). So we called the office again, and this time the guy who replied happened to mention "kanfay nesharim," which I immediately remembered.
So we returned there and then found the other streets Eta had mentioned, but we could not locate the office at no. 6. I drove into a small courtyard and we phoned Eta, and she said don't worry I'll come outside, and I'm wearing all black. So we looked around, and then suddenly a young woman came down some stairs and she was wearing black, and so I ran down the window and said to her "hullo, Eta," and she replied, "I'm not Eta, she's the hairdresser, do you want to speak to her?" We looked at each other in confusion. I asked, "is this number 6?" and she replied "no, its no. 27," whereupon I was very puzzled. So I asked her if she knew where no. 6 was, and she said "no." At that point I drove back onto the street, and there was a woman standing in the middle of the road all dressed in black.
Eta took us to the office, and demonstrated the program, and we decided to purchase a copy for Naomi to use, and they tried to sell another copy to me (each copy must be distinct), but I refused to buy one, and I told them that since I had remembered the streetname "kanfey nesharim" I obviously did not need help with my memory!


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