Friday, August 19, 2011

Attack in the South

A major Palestinian terrorist attack took place near Eilat yesterday just as we arrived home from our vacation. Back to reality! Seven Israelis were killed in what was a major, coordinated attack that originated from Gaza. Operatives of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) travelling in at least two groups through the Egyptian Sinai, struck at the soft underbelly of Israel, the Sinai-Negev border. The attack was well planned and executed, first a bus was ambushed, but the driver sped away and noone was killed although there were many casualties. Then another empty bus was attacked and the driver was killed by a suicide bomber and a civilian car was shot at and the driver was killed and then an RPG was fired into the car killing the other three occupants. Finally an IDF patrol speeding to the incident was hit by a roadside bomb that killed one soldier. The remaining three terrorists were killed in this group and when another group opened fire from across the Egyptian border they were pursued and all four were killed.

The IAF then attacked Gaza and killed the head of the PRC and his deputy in pre-planned raids, as well as destroying several arms caches and tunnels used for transporting arms into Gaza. Terrorists then launched several rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system. They were targeted at the cities of Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beerseva, but noone was hurt. The sad fact is that Gaza has become a heavily armed terrorist enclave since Israel left it in 2008, and with the fall of the Mubarak regime, the current interim Egyptian Government has essentially lost control over the Sinai area, allowing it to become an extension of the terrorist regime in Gaza. This is attested to by the third successful bombing of the gas pipeline from Sinai into Israel as well as the fact that the PRC terrorists were able to transit Sinai while fully armed. There was also a report that the Egyptian armed forces killed two terrorists yesterday.

This incident happened even though the IDF was on high alert after warnings of impending attacks from Sinai. How could the terrorists have entered Israel undetected? This is a mystery given Israeli high-tech countermeasures (used effectively in Lebanon). Also, the Sinai-Negev border was supposed to have a barrier built to prevent inflitration, mainly by African refugees, According to reports this barrier has not been constructed according to schedule and about 300 African refugees enter Israel illegally every week. Why hasn't the Government acted more precipitously in response to the threat of illegal immigrants and the anticipated threat of terrorism from Gaza. Reacting to terrorist incidents like this is too late after the blood of Israelis is flowing, proactive means, including physical barriers and electronic devices are essential, including preemptive attacks against the PRC and others. It is to be expected that related to the resolution for unilateral Palestinian statehood at the UN there will be increasing terrorist attacks against Israel, and the IDF must be prepared to interdict these.Reply to:


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