Monday, November 07, 2011


Let's be clear about some things:
1. The Jews never sought to control the world, they were simply successful at business when Christians were not allowed to practise usury (making a profit). Jews thought this was foolish and they were right. Capitalism is based on the profit motive, where would be without it today? Even the Chinese Communists have reinvented Capitalism. Tell this to the idiots at the anti-Capitalism protests on Wall Street and elsewhere.
2. Clear evidence against the Jew's power and control of the world is that the Nazis, who indeed wanted to control the world, as the Islamists do today, were able to decimate the Jews. During the Holocaust in WWII the Jews were in fact powerless!
3. The British were given a Mandate for Palestine by the League of Nations (the precursor of the UN) in 1922 in order to esablish a Jewish State, instead they established an Arab State from Palestine, namely Jordan, and then were forced to leave by the Zionists.
3. After the British withdrew from Palestine in 1947, the UN proposed a Partition of Palestine to form Jewish and Arab States. The Jews accepted the Plan but the Arabs rejected it and so the Partition Plan became null and void.
4. After the UN Partition Plan failed, the Jewish State was proclaimed in 1948, and the Arab States (Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq) invaded in order to destroy it. But, they were defeated and the State was able to defend and organize itself.
5. After the Israeli War of Independence of 1948, the State of Israel then applied for recognition and was recognized by the UN, but its eastern border was never defined, it remained a ceasefire line.
6. Jordan illegally occupied what became the West Bank and Egypt illegally occupied Gaza. Their sovereignty over these areas was never recognized by the UN or the international community. They were ejected by Israel from these areas in the 6 Day War of 1967. Neither was there ever Palestinian Arab sovereignty over these areas.
7. As a result, legally there is no distinction between Israel proper and the West Bank and Gaza. Israel chose to withdraw from Gaza in 2005, but continues to claim the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and build there.
8. Within Israel there are 1 million Arabs (20% of the population) who are Israeli citizens, but in the West Bank the Palestine Authority states that it will not allow any Jews to live in their territory. This is racist!
9. Within Israel there are no laws or official forms of discrimination or persecution of Israeli Arabs. Anyone can come here and see this for themselves, Arabs are represented in the Knesset (even though many of them are anti-Israel) and are both doctors and patients in all hospitals equally. The accusation of "apartheid" is nonsense.
10. The Palestinians are afraid to negotiate with Israel, because then they would have to agree on an eastern border of Israel and this would negate their claim over all of Israel. This is why they are seeking to esablish their state unilaterally at the UN, but hopefully that bid will fail.


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