Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gaza missiles

This is not some academic subject, missiles are falling all over southern Israel. My daughter, who lives in Beersheva, heard the Iron Dome alarm while driving with our granddaughter and they took shelter in an apartment stairwell with others. They heard two big explosions, apparently the Iron Dome worked and intercepted two missiles fired at Beersheva from Gaza.

You may not read or hear anything about this in your western media, but when Israel has to retaliate to stop this barrage that is keeping the south of Israel hostage, then you will see headlines that read "Israel attacks Gaza..." and at the bottom of the article it will mention that this was in response to shelling of Israel by "militants" who oppose the "occupation." Even though Egypt has negotiated two ceasefires, the firings by Islamic Jihad have not ceased. There were three more misiles last night.

In his opening speech yesterday to the winter session of the Israeli Knesset, PM Netanyahu stated that "Israel will strike at anyone who tries to hurt us," and "security is about the ability to attack not just defend." But, so far he has done none of these things. Even though the IDF has announced that it is ready to implement a plan to stop the missiles being fired into Israel. For three days now the south of Israel has been under constant threat that has brought normal life to a standstill, no school, no public events, no gatherings of people. This cannot go on. When will Israel meaningfully strike back.


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