Sunday, February 05, 2012

Natural selection again

One of my astute readers pointed out that natural selection, that I featured in a recent posting, may have contributed to the brain power of the persecuted Jews?

It is well known that Jews have received about 16% of all Nobel Prizes, while being only 14 million people or 0.02% of the world's population. If we compare the results for Jews and Arabs the ratio is even more astounding, there are ca. 325 million Arabs, or ca. 5% of the world's population who have won less than 1% of the Nobel Prizes. That means that a Jew has been 4,000 times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than an Arab! This is pure statistics and has nothing to do with prejudice or bias. One might ask why there is this tremendous divergence between the two cultures and the answer is obviously that Jews are...... (you fill in the gap). One might note that while Jewish children study hard and have a drive to succeed, Arab children are out in the streets demonstrating and throwing stones.

It has been established in the exchange of Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Schalit and previous prisoner exchanges, that one Jew is worth 1,000 Arabs, which is surprisingly close to the number arrived at by comparing Nobel Prizes. Now although there are only 6 million Jews in Israel, if that ratio is taken as reasonable then that means that we Israelis are equivalent to 6,000,000,000 or 6 billion Arabs. No wonder we do better than them!

It is topical to argue that Israel being such a small country cannot attack Iran, that is more than 10 times bigger in population andf it has had time to bury its ncuelar facilities. But, one should remember what a few thousand determined men can do a great deal, as the example of Thermopylae shows, when a handful of Spartans held back the Persian hordes.Never under-estimate teh IDF. When Iran and the Arabs consider their position relative to Israel they should take into account the factor of 1,000 that magnifies Israeli capability.


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