Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two-state what?

Five mortar shells fall on Turkey over a  few days and it's international news.  Fifty mortars and missiles fall on southern Israel over the weekend and there's -- nothing!  OK, there are differences, mortars falling in Turkey from Syria is something new, while missiles falling in  Israel from Gaza is common, there have been thousands of them.  Also, while five people were killed in Turkey, three of them children, in Israel noone has been killed currently.  Apart from the bad aim of the terrorists, there are two other reasons why the casualties are low in Israel, first the whole area of southern Israel is dotted with concrete structures where people can take refuge and all schools are reinforced.  Also, the Iron Dome anti-missile system activates only when a missile is calculated to be landing in a populated area.  In fact most of them fall in agricultural areas causing no damage or casualties. 
But, there is a difference in the perception of the importance and the newsworthiness of these two similar events.  If Turkey is activated to counter-attack Syrian forces and become engaged in the civil war in Syria on the side of the rebels, then that would really be news.  More missiles falling on southern Israel is boring, except for the million or so inhabitants who live there.  PM Erdogan of Turkey has vowed that Turkey will not be drawn into a war and yet is ready to defend itself.  They have lobbed several shells back over the border.  But, if you were a Syrian rebel and you knew that a few morter shells landing in Turkey might get you more Turkish support, what would you do?  I doubt that Turkey can distinguish between Syrian Army and Free Syrian Army shells. 
Meanwhile the situation in southern Israel continues as before, the Gaza terrorists led by Hamas continue to keep the situation at a low boil by constant shooting of missiles over the border.  Israel also retaliates by IAF attacks into Gaza and downed the first drone (UAV) flying over Israel, probably sent from Gaza.  Recently the leaders of Fatah, the so-called moderate faction, re-stated that they see the only solution to the Palestine problem is through the use of violence against Israel.  So much for a peaceful solution to the problem.  When un-President Abbas is busy undermining Israel's legitimacy, denying Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem and taking unilateral action for recognition at the UN, what are we to do. I think Bibi's accomodationist tactics of providing funds to the PA to keep it solvent is a bad idea.  Let it die from its own corruption and incompetence.  So much for a two-state solution. 


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