Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sandy's spawn

The weather in Israel is positively balmy, temps in the 80s, no rain and no storms.  Am I glad we live here right now, instead of Maryland where we used to live.  This storm named "Sandy" might result in an increase in aliyah to Israel from the US.  But, of course, we do have missiles raining down on the south of our country, they come and go but currently we are beyond their reach.
The damage on the East Coast is truly terrible, the amount of sea flooding is probably larger than the whole area of Israel.  The flooding of the subway in NYC may not be cleared for days and 8 million people are without power due to downed trees, what a mess.
Who will this benefit?  Pres. Obama is trying to appear presidential, not campaigning but running around making pronouncements and promising aid.  But, since this storm occurred on his watch, he should be held responsible!  It might help Romney after all, if some people decide not to vote, if they are still cleaning out the water from their basements on Nov 6. 
There will be one outcome of the storm, an increase in population.  People are unable to get to work and have to cuddle together for warmth (no electric blankets).   This will result in a spike of births nine months from now.  Don't be surprised if many of them will be called "Sandy."


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