Friday, November 16, 2012

Shock and awe in Gaza

When the US forces went into Iraq in 1991 they used the tactics of "shock and awe," in other words they used so much overwhelming power that the enemy had no ability to respond effectively.   If that isn't using disproportionate force what is?  But, Israel is always accused of this, the use of disproportionate force.  Today the Russians used this tired criticism.   Thank God that we have it!  Hamas is an Islamist terrorist organization that says repeatedly that it wants to destroy Israel, not just the State but all the Jews in it. And they don't just say it, but Hamas and the Iranian proxy Islamic Jihad fire missiles into Israel all the time, ceasefire means nothing to them.  And we are supposed to sit and take it, as we have for 13 years, since Israel withdrew from Gaza completely! 
Last time Israel responded with force in Operation Cast Lead in 2008, we were criticized for causing civilian casualties, but the fact is that the vast majority of the casualties, ca. 800 out of 1,300 were actually combatants, fighters who don't wear a uniform but are trained terrorists.   This time I expect it will be the same, castigate Israel whatever happens.  But, frankly I and most Israelis don't care any more. The IDF has overwhelming capability compared to Hamas in Gaza, even though they have been smuggling arms and munitions into Gaza for 10 years, through tunnels under the Egyptian border and openly from Egypt and by sea.  And even though they cannot rationally win any war against us, their only tactic is to cause Israeli civilian casualties and keep our people in the south terrorized.
Three people were killed in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi (City of Angles or Los Angeles) yesterday.  Now by targeting Tel Aviv, over 70 km from Gaza, Hamas has crossed a red line.  Israel will not stand for this, and so the IDF must counter-attack with shock and awe.  We must destroy their capability to continually fire missiles at us.  Of the over 320 sorties flown by the IAF so far over Gaza, only 15 people have reportedly been killed and of these only six were civilians, so this is truly precision bombing.  There are not many, if any, air forces in the world that could maintain such a low casualty ratio.  Israel has all the weapons of the best air force in the world available and we should use them.  If the Government decides to send in ground troops so be it.  
Hamas cannot rationally win any battle with the IDF, but they ignore that reality in order to cause us harm.  Perhaps their main aim in this case is to bring Egypt into the conflict on their side.  Pres. Morsi of Egypt is planning a solidarity visit to Gaza today.   Since he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, they have essentially the same views.  But, Egypt is a country in dire straits, it needs US aid very badly.  If Morsi does nothing to restrain Hamas in Gaza from firing rockets into Israel, then US aid to Egypt should be suspended!  If Morsi goes further and supports Hamas militarily, which we don't expect that he will at this stage, then the situation becomes extremely dangerous, and this will not be Israel's doing.  Israel has 30,000 ground troops, with tanks and other weapons, poised to enter Gaza.  If Morsi does not have a positive influence on the leaders of Hamas and if the missile fire into Israel continues, then let it be shock and awe in Gaza. 


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