Thursday, December 06, 2012

Heroism and death

In a heroic actlast week, an Israeli mother of four children responded to the infiltration of a Palestinian terrorist in the middle of the night into her house in the Sde Avraham settlement near the Gaza border.  Yael Matzpun valiantly fought off the terrorist, despite being stabbed in the shoulder and bludgeoned with a crowbar.  She forced her attacker into the bathroom and blocked the door with a sofa and called her neighbor who alerted the security forces.  They chased the attacker after he escaped through the window and when he refused to give himself up they shot him.
An investigation revealed that the terrorist had managed to cross three security fences without raising an alarm, and how he managed to do this is being investigated.  Luckily he was alone and unsuccessful.  The last time there was an infiltration like this was on the settlement of Itamar on the West Bank about 3 months ago, when two terrorists murdered a whole family of five, including a five month old baby.  These are the people we are dealing with. 
In a freak accident on Route, 6, the toll road that runs from near Nazareth to near Beersheva, a bus pulled to the side of the road because of a mechanical problem.  A truck with a trailer was going too fast behind it and had to swerve to avoid hitting the back of the bus.  As it swerved several metal slats in the trailer came loose and flew into the back of the bus, instantly killing one of the passengers, a young IDF soldier and injuring 17 others.  What a tragedy to have someone killed in such a random way. 
These incidents only show how unpredictable life is and prove that chance plays a major role in our destiny.


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