Friday, May 31, 2013

Is Islamic terrorism over?

In his recent national speech Pres. Obama declared "the war on terrorism is over."  But, is Islamic terrorism over?  Certainly not!  Even in the past few days there have been individual "home grown" incidents of murderous terrorism in France and in the UK, while the Boston marathon bombing is only months behind us and still not resolved in a trial.
When he was speaking to an onlooker immediately after hacking Lee Rigby to death Michael Adebolajo said “I apologize that women had to witness this today but in our land our women have to see the same."  As Fuad Ajami pointed out in a recent article on the subject ("Hating the west and reaping its privileges"), the "land" Adebolajo was speaking about was, of course, the land of the Muslims.  But, he had never been to those lands, he was born in Britain of Nigerian parents.  'His lands" could conceivably be England or Nigeria, but not Arabia, not Syria, not Palestine!  His family who are devout Christians issued a statement disassociating themselves from his barbaric crime and his beliefs. 
This is something that all Islamists have in common, the cold-blooded justification of murder in the name of a land they often have never seen and a belief system they hardly understand.  This is how Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutchman, justified his cold-blooded stabbing of Theo van Gogh on a Dutch street in broad daylight in 2004.   This is the justification of the Tsarnayev brothers in bombing the Boston marathon and Richard Reed the shoe bomber and so many others.  Yet, it is enough for them to murder you or me or anyone without compunction.  Given the repetitions of such grisly murders throughout the West, it seems evident that the war of Islamic terrorism against us is not over by any means.  What planet is Obama living on?  To declare that our war against this terror is over is naieve and self-defeating in the extreme.  It is a political maneuver devoid of any relationship to reality.


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