Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nurse's nonsense

I had to make an appointment at the Maccabi clinic to go and have a Holter (not halter) heart monitor put on for 48 hrs, as ordered by the cardiologist. I made the appointment by phone thru a central number. The lady gave me two dates, Thurs July 17 and Sun July 21. Since the Holter also has to be taken off I presumed that these were for attaching and removing the Holter and it was on Sunday because it can't be done on Shabbat

I arrived on time on Thurs July 17, but the computer system that automatically gives you a number was not working. I decided to check with the nurse inside, but she was too busy on her computer to even look at me. The lady at the desk who had been busy on the phone didn't believe me, so she tried it herself and indeed there was no response. She then checked in her computer and told me that I had no appointment that day, but to come back on Sunday. So I gave up and left.

I returned on Sunday and a nurse hooked me up with the monitor (took 5 mins) and then told me to come back the next day. I pointed out to her that the Holter was for 48 hrs, and showed her the doctor's writing on the order. She said, but you didn't tell the person that when you made the appointment, but I said "yes, I did!" So she went away for a long time and finally I got fed up and went to see where she was and she and another nurse were busy consulting the computer. She said, "yes, you did tell her 48 hrs, but she didn't give you another appointment." I told them about the Thurs when they had said I didn't have an appointment. But, the other nurse still argued with me. She told me that they needed the monitor for another patient, so they could only give it to me for 24 hrs. I knew this was a lie since they had a pile of the monitors lying on the desk. I insisted that the doctor ordered 48 hrs and it was their mistake not mine. After some further arguing, she finally gave up and said come back in 2 days (on Tues) at noon.

I went back on Tues, and the same nurse told me to go into a booth, remove my top, take off the monitor contacts, and then give her the electronic device (the size of a cell phone). This all took about 2 mins. She did nothing, except take the device from me. She told me the results would be ready in 3 days for the doctor. I had already had to delay my appointment with the cardiologist because of this mix-up. What puzzles me is why did they make such a fuss about me not having an appointment to return the Holter when it took 2 mins for me to remove it myself!


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