Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria and Egypt

The complexity of the situations in Syria and Egypt warrant a comparison. Ironically in some respects the two situations are diametrically opposed. In Syria the Army is an integral part of the Assad regime and is leading the fight against the insurgents, while in Egypt the Army is the opponent of the prior government and is leading the fight against the Moslim Brotherhood regime that suceeded the military dictator Hosni Mubarak. In both countries the opposition to the dictators Mubarak and Assad included the Muslim Brotherthood, as well as other Islamist groups, such as al Qaeda, and liberal, pro-Western democrats. But, in Syria they are allies opposed to the Army and regime, while in Egypt they are enemies, the liberals and pro-Western elements allying with the Army against the MB and other Islamists.

Is that clear (there will be a test)? How can I put it more simply - I can't. There is one clear indicator, what is in Western and Israeli interests? In Syria, it is that the insurgents, specifically the moderate pro-Western groups, defeat the Assad regime, while in Egypt it is in Western interests that the Army instal a pro-Western regime, leading eventually to elections, and that the MB be defeated.

Another way of looking at this is "who cares," as in "let them kill each other." It is clear that the Arab/Muslim world is in a relatively primitive state compared to the West, where secular humanism has largely triumphed. There is a lot that can be said against it, but it beats killing each other all the time. This seems to be the only way that the Arabs can operate. The concept of a "loyal opposition" is totally absent, they think "if you are my opponent, then you are my enemy and I must kill you." It could take another hundred years before they shed this feudal, religious, absolutist view of the world and become civilized.

Meanwhile, it is clan against clan, Sunni against Shi'ite, fundamentalist against liberal, and everyone against everyone else. And some naieve liberals expect us to make peace with them.


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