Monday, November 18, 2013

Low level conflict

Parallel with the stalled peace negotiations that are going on between Israel and the PA, forced by the USA, there is a continuing low level conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. Evidence of this conflict are not hard to find, practically every day there are riots in some part of the West Bank, with the IDF required to go in and restore order. Stones and Molotov cocktails are thrown at the cars of ordinary Israeli civilians, including mothers driving children. IDF soldiers are especially vulnerable, three have been killed in the past two months, Tomer Hazan was murdered by an illegal Palestinian co-worker at an Israeli restaurant who lured him to the West Bank and murdered him, Gal Kobi was shot in the neck by a sniper on the Gaza border, and Eden Attias was stabbed to death this week while sleeping on a bus in Afula by a 16 year old Palestinian who wanted to get revenge for the imprisonment of a cousin. Does anyone believe these incidents happen spontaneously? No it results from constant anti-Israel incitement in the PA.

What always happens when negotiations are ongoing is that the Palestinians threaten that unless Israel does such and such they will break off the talks and violence will ensue. But, the twist this time is that when the Palestinians threatened the start of a third intifada (uprising) this warning was echoed by none other than the US Secty of State John Kerry, who is supposed to be a neutral honest broker. In order to start the negotiations Israel was required to give a major concession to the PA, and that was the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands. No concession to stop construction on the West Bank was agreed. Now the Palestinians are trying to force that concession by using threats of violence and Kerry is repeating their threats. Suppose Israel said it would not continue negotiations and threatened violence unless the Palestinians gave up their claims on Jerusalem, would Kerry support that. Certainly not, yet not only are the Palestinians allowed to get away with threatening force, the Obama Administration tacitly supports that. This is unacceptable.

There is a rumor going round that the Obama Administration have proposed a deal to Israel, either they cooperate on Iran or the US will give support to the Palestinians in the negotiations. Of course, the corollary is that if Bibi refuses to deal, then the US will compromise with Iran and take the Palestinian side in the negotiations. Whether this is true or not that is what is happening. This allows Obama/Kerry to paint Bibi as the bad guy who really wants war with the Iranians, rather than the good guy who is trying to save Israel and the world from a nuclear Iran, as well as exposing the blackmail and deceit of the Palestinians.


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