Thursday, December 26, 2013

American hypocrisy

It has been revealed thru the exposures of Edward Snowden and WIkileaks that the US spy agency NSA had been spying on the electronic correspondence of several Israeli Prime Ministers, including Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as other Israeli politicians and politicians in other European countries.

For years, in fact 29 years, Jonathan Pollard has served time in a maximum security US jail for the sin of spying on the US for Israel. He was found guilty and he did not deny his guilt, however, it has been pointed out many times that he spied on the US for the benefit of a US ally, Israel, that should have been given some of the information he passed on for its military defense. Also, the amount of time he has served is way beyond that served by other spies who in fact spied on the US for America's enemies, such as the USSR.

At the time of his trial it was emphasized that "friends do not spy on each other," and the US took a holier than thou attitude towards Pollard and Israel, and Pollard was given a life sentence. There is little doubt that the trial was tainted because then Secty of Defense Caspar Weinberger communicated directly with the judge and sent him a letter the contents of which has never been publicly revealed. Now the US has been caught spying on its friend and ally Israel. What are we to make of this hypocrisy?

We all along knew that all countries spy on each other when they have the opportunity and it was well known that the US spies very extensively on all countries, including its allies. But, this was difficult to prove in the open. Now it has been revealed in publicly available documents. After many of those involved in the Pollard case, including former US Govt officials involved in his prosecution, have called for clemency for Pollard, Pres. Obama still refuses to pardon him. It is now more than past due. A large group of Israeli Knesset members, including the Arab members, are preparing a petition to ask Pres. Obama to pardon Pollard. Israel must make a stand and make Pollard an international issue. There is only one message to give to the friendly country that spied on us, Free Jonathan Pollard!!


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