Monday, January 13, 2014

African migrants

There were major demonstrations around Israel last week by tens of thousands of Black African immigrants to Israel. There are estimated to be about 60,000 such illegal immigrants, and about 20,000 participated in the various marches and rallies, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The rallies were peaceful and well-organized and the demonstrators demanded jobs and rights and the freedom to live in Israel under the international laws of asylum. But, wait a minute, how did so many immigrants, without means, manage to organize themselves in such an effective way. Yes, like me, you must assume they had help, they were "organized" by the left in Israel, by those who want to see the Jewish aspects of the State of Israel reduced, who think that by accepting a large illegal Black minority into Israel, it will make Israel more democratic and less of a Jewish State. What fools, don't they know that these Africans are mainly from Eritrea and Sudan and are all Muslims. Just what Israel needs.

Since it has been judged that the vast majority of these immigrants are here for economic reasons (hence they demand jobs) they do not qualify as asylum seekers, even if their home country is violent (what African country is not violent and also poor). There is a wave of African immigration lapping at the shores of affluent Europe and Israel is more convenient in that not only is it relatively affluent, but it is closer since it has a land border with Africa and the migrants do not have to undertake a dangerous sea crossing to get here. They do however have to cross the Sinai desert that is comparatively dangerous as the Egyptian border guards shoot them on sight and the Beduin capture them and enslave them and also kill them for their organs on the international market (want a liver or kidney?). However, thousands of them poured into Israel for several years until the Government realized the danger of unlimited African immigration and closed off the Egyptian border with a high double electric fence, hence reducing the numbers from hundreds a day to a few a month.

Some illegal immigrants have been returned with a few thosuand dollars each to South Sudan now that it is a State, although currently in a civil war. The process of repatriation is increasing, but there are legal hurdles. The Government was imprisoning the illegal migrants, but the Supreme Court ruled that they cannot be imprisoned pending a fair asylum hearing. The Government was forced to open the new migrants detention center in the south and hence the migrants were able to flock to our cities and form their own enclaves. This has upset and endangered the local populations and makes a mockery of Israel's "Law of return" for Jewish immigrants. If many who consider themselves Jewish but can't satisfy the religious requirements of the Rabbinate are routinely denied Israeli citizenship and forced to leave Israel or are deported, how then can thousands of illegal Africans live and work here. The Government must act strongly and boldly against this unwanted and illegal population. Not to do so invites many more illegal immigrants.


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