Friday, February 07, 2014

List of activities

I don't know if you are like me, but I keep a list of current activities, an ongoing list of appointments, lectures, concerts and other events, so as not to forget anything. I have this in my computer and print it out and keep two copies, one on my desk and one on the living room table. It's very handy, but it is also somewhat depressing. As soon as an event happens and goes off the top of the list, others enter the list from below with alarming regularity. Its like riding a continuous escalator, never able to get off.

This is the nature of life. As a retired person with some volunteer activities, and certain interests in lectures and concerts, life is unusually full. I sometimes wish that I did not have such a busy life, and look forward to those days when the list is blank and then I can do what I want, such as paint in my studio, or just sit and read, or just do nothing. But, then there are many other chores, such as going to the bank, or the post office or the gym. For example last Thurs last I had no events listed, a free day. But we had to go to the Ministry of the Interior office to get our carer's visa renewed, took 1.5 hrs. Then to the post office to pay her National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) and then to the Bank to deposit a check. This all took the whole morning. When it was finished we were happy to sit down in the square and have a nice light lunch since the weather was perfect, 23 deg C (ca. 76 F) and it was lovely.

But, every day, as I dutifully cross off yesterday's activities, I always have that sinking feeling, that the interesting and enjoyable events that take their place, are another burden, a further series of commitments. There is no such thing as free will, once the commitment has been made, a ticket paid for or a meeting scheduled, one must go. Like today I had a meetingt in the morning, a lecture in the afternoon and a musical show in the evening - too much! When I was working, I did of course have very little time for such activities, but then how did I ever get my banking and car servicing done? Only those who are too old or lame can avoid such activities. I am being negative and cynical, I am lucky to be able to go to all these wonderful concerts and interesting lectures. But, oh for a little free time!


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