Monday, March 17, 2014

Nightmare scenario

The mystery of the vanished Malaysian airlines plane continues to fascinate. Where did it go? Did it crash? Was it taken by aliens?

The fact that there is no trace of it crashing into the sea (at least none found yet) nor any Mayday or alarm call from the pilots, nor any trace from electronic signals, is very puzzling. It appears that only someone trained in aeronautics could turn off the transponder (designed specifically to trace a plane) and all other transmitting sources means that either there was a catastrophic explosion (which would generate lots of debris and therefore unlikely) or that the airplane was hijacked by experts. The fact that there were two Iranians on board, who have been identified by their passports flying into Kuala Lumpur, but who boarded the plane using stolen European passports, might indicate foul play and a terrorist hijacking.

Another nighmarish possibility is as follows, suppose the plane has been flown to a remote and untraceable airport or one in a country that is cooperative with terrorists (Iran, Sudan, Yemen?). Then suppose the plane will subsequently be piloted by suicide pilots, much as they did in the 9/11 Twin Towers incident, to be crashed into a politically sensitive location. I would suggest that crashing a plane into Ben Gurion airport or into the Knesset in Jerusalem might be such a target. Of course, you could say why not use their own planes, why need to hijack one, but that would avoid direct attribution and subsequent reaction. We still don't have a country to blame for the 9/11 hijackings, even though the majority of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. What about the 239 people on board. The hijackers don't care, they will kill as many as they need to. They would even use them as hostages if they are approaching an airport and claim they are trying to land. Then if Israel shoots down the plane they will blame Israel for the loss of life.

One argument against this scenario is that the airplane needs to be refueled, and unless they have the cooperation of a country it is hard to imagine this being done without someone knowing about it or detecting it. Also, the majority of the passengers on board are Chinese, and who in their right mind would want to pick a fight with China. OK, but if this scenario is wrong, and I hope the Israeli air controllers are alert, where then is the plane? It could not have sunk into the ocean in one piece without leaving a trace.

Note: This was written before the Malaysian PM announced on Sat that they had changed their evaluation and now thought it was deliberately diverted or hijacked.


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