Thursday, March 06, 2014

Putin lies

While lying in bed with a cold I happened to catch Russian Pres. Putin's press conference the other day on the crisis in Crimea. He lied directly to the press and the public. He claimed that the Russian soldiers who have taken over most of the military facilities in Crimea and who have no insignia on their uniforms are not Russians, but some spontaneous form of local militia units. Yes, they are pro-Russian, yes they have Russian army uniforms, transports and tanks, but no they are not Russian soldiers and they are not controlled by him, Pres. Putin. What a bald-faced lie! The last time I remember something like this happening was when Hitler sent the German Army into Czechoslovakia in 1939 and claimed they were only there to protect German civilians.

This is purely and simply a land-grab, and is an illegal act against the sovereign state of Ukraine. The West will have to act as they know that Russian forces are now in control of Crimea. The Ukrainian soldiers have been very careful to avoid shooting, because the Russians have far larger forces and could wipe them out. So a gentle diplomatic dance is now underway in Paris while the brown goons face off against all opposition.

Once Obama backed off from his red line on chemical weapons use in Syria and allowed Russia to come in and take the initiative, he lost credibility. Then again in Egypt, Pres. Carter lost Iran, but Obama will be remembered for losing Egypt. Now in the Ukraine Putin is testing Obama's resolve, and he knows pretty much that Obama will back off. They will say "what can America do?" with the largest and most effective military power in the world, for which Americans pay billions in taxes every year. Think of this, if Russia is able to take back eastern Ukraine, it can then continue to western Ukraine, and then to Khazakhstan and the Baltic States. This is appeasement. Putin is intent on expanding Russia's sphere of influence to the "near abroad," the former states of the Soviet Union. Once the process is started, if resolute action is not taken, then there will be nothing to stop him.


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